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Sometimes we end up with pins from the manufacture that have minor imperfections such as nicks, dents, inconsistencies in color or scratches.

We offer these "seconds" to you at a discount of 50%!

Please note that these pins do not come with a backing card. Pins will come with either a metal or rubber backing clutch.
No returns or refunds.

Pin Options:
(clockwise from top)

This hard enamel, black and gold pin, is 1.9"tall (48mm) with two clutches on back to prevent spinning and is stamped "Wormwood & Rue" on back.

Red-Crowned Crane
A 1 1/2" (39mm) hard enamel pin in five colors, plated with a bright gold finish and backed with two metal clutches to prevent spinning. "Wormwood & Rue" has been stamped on back.

A hard enamel pin featuring a black hare wreathed in white moonflowers and is 49mm (1.9") tall, finished in gold plating.
Wormwood & Rue has been stamped on back, and two clutches to keep the pin from spinning.